Hotel workers at Dora Hotel Istanbul have sent solidarity greetings to workers at Vio.Me who took their factory into workers’ control after it was abandoned by the owners.

VioMe. is a building materials factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was abandoned by its owners, leaving the workers unpaid. The workers decided to occupy the factory and operate it under direct democratic workers’ control. After a year-long struggle that has attracted attention and solidarity in Greece and worldwide, they started production on February 12, 2013, after 3 days of intense mobilisation.
But now VioMe is in trouble and needs support – the ex-owners are trying to claim back their assets by having the factory declared bankrupt.
The workers have stood up against unemployment and poverty by carrying through a long struggle to self-manage the occupied factory, in very adverse conditions. For two years now, they have been producing and selling ecological cleaning products at the occupied premises, ensuring a modest income for their families. The workers are determined to resist, declaring

“Our destiny is now in our own hands, we manage our work and our lives ourselves. We will not permit anyone to destroy what we have built with so much effort. We declare to the judges, the police, the administrators, the ex-owners and any prospective buyers:

VioMe is not for sale!

VioMe will remain in the hands of the workers!”

The are calling for international support and solidarity. This week their support was answered by members of the Tourizm Hotel Sports Labourers Union of Turkey (Tüm Emek Sen), who released the following statement:

Workers at Dora Hotel Istanbul show their solidarity with VioMe workers in Greece.

“This week, we support the righteous and honourable struggle of VioMe workers in Greece. We support all our class friends wherever they are in the world and we say that we are going to pass over this challenging period by international solidarity with our struggling working class.

VioMe workers have been supporting their factory by their organisation and production for a long time. They have the right to decide the future of their factory and future, this is a natural and democratic right.

The owners have said that they have gone bankrupt and left the factory long ago. They did not pay their debts to the workers. Then, they appeared again and wanted to take the factory back. Because workers raised the factory that they had sunk.What capital could not achieve, workers did. No matter what the law which stands by capital says, the struggle that the workers created is legitimate and successful.

We support their call for solidarity and say “their struggle is our struggle”…

Long live the struggle of VioMe workers

Long live class solidarity

Tourizm Hotel Sports Laborers Union of Turkey ( Tüm Emek Sen )

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