12,000 members of DISK have pledged their willingness to assist in rebuilding Kobanê after Kurdish forces successfully defended the city from ISIS.

DISK Diyarbakir

A statement released by the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions of Turkey (DISK) in Diyarbakir states that the union has 12,000 members who have pledged their willingness to assist in the reconstruction of Kobanê following the offensive from ISIS which left much of the city in ruins – according to an article from BirGun. The statement added that DISK members, who could help in rebuilding the local infrastructure, would not remain silent in the face of the Turkish state’s refusal to open an aid corridor to Kobanê.

Serdar Ekingen, a regional representative for DISK in Diyarbakir, made the statement at a press conference organized by the Rojava Association. He told those gathered that it “the honor of humanity had won in Kobanê” but that ISIS barbarism had left much of the area in ruins. According to a piece appearing in the paper Evrensel, Ekingen added “we can work on whatever infrastructure projects are needed, or help in reconstruction in order to repair the local wounds. We will take an appropriate part in the reconstruction of Kobanê carried by the winds of revolution which are blowing from Rojava.”

Ekingen added that the trade union currently had 12,000 volunteers working in the area of water, sewage, sanitation, construction and the environment who were willing to work for Kobanê, saying “we declare that we will take part with our labor in the reconstruction work” and demanded an aid corridor be opened so that those wanting to help could do so.

– From Rojava report

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