Union wants blacklisting companies to be barred from bidding for public contracts

UCATT Blacklist guideUCATT has launched a new guide which details how companies involved in blacklisting can be barred from public procurement projects.

Over six years after the Consulting Association was exposed for blacklisting construction workers, none of the companies that were ruining workers lives through blacklisting have “owned up, cleaned up and paid up”.

The pocket-sized guide Blacklisting and Public Procurement is designed for UCATT members to lobby public sector bodies such as local authorities and NHS Trusts to persuade them to adopt policies that will prevent companies involved in blacklisting from tendering for contracts.

The guide also provides advice on how members can lobby and influence public authorities to cancel contracts that have been previously awarded to companies involved in blacklisting.

Both the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Government have introduced measures to help prevent blacklisters winning contracts in their nations and over 100 local authorities have introduced policies or passed motions banning blacklisters. However despite these positive measures companies involved in blacklisting have continued to win contracts.

UCATT general secretary Steve Murphy said: “The companies that ruined workers lives are still being awarded major contracts, while their victims have not received a penny in compensation. It is essential that we use every use tool possible to put pressure on the blacklisters.

“By ensuring that blacklisters are barred from bidding for public procurement contracts, the companies will suffer financially and will realise they have no choice but to compensate their victims and fully apologise for their actions.”

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