Union secures protective award after workers were sacked without notice

UCATT logoTwo hundred UCATT members formerly employed by Cannaught in Norwich have won justice after four and a half years.

The union had been seeking compensation for its members since they were dismissed without warning in September 2010, when their employer Connaught collapsed and went into administration.

The workers had been employed on Norwich City Council’s outsourced housing maintenance contact.

The employment tribunal case has made a protective award as Connaught failed to consult with the workforce before making them redundant. The award is for the maximum 12 week’s pay. However as Connaught is no longer in existence the payments will be made by the Redundancy Payments Office and will be capped at £350 per week for eight weeks.

Brian Rye, Regional Secretary of UCATT’s Eastern Region, said: “This has been a very long and protracted fight for justice and I am delighted that these dedicated workers, who were sacked without warning, will now finally receive compensation.”

UCATT had initially argued that when Connaught collapsed that their contracts had TUPE transferred to other companies and that the workers had been unfairly dismissed. An employment tribunal last year ruled that no TUPE transfer had occurred.

Mr Rye added: “UCATT has always promised that it would win justice for the former Connaught workforce and we have delivered on that promise.”

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