Journalist’s investigations to uncover a paedophile network led to death threats and attacks. Now facing deportation to Kenya


The National Union of Journalists has issued an urgent appeal to halt the deportation of one of the union’s asylum-seeker members.  Lorna Kamotho, whose work in Kenya to expose paedophile gangs made her the subject of violent vengance attacks, is scheduled to be deported on a flight this evening (9pm on Friday).

Lorna was arrested in Glasgow on Tuesday by officials from the UK Border Agency, held at the Dungavel Detention Centre in Lanarkshire, then transported to Manchester, where she is believed to be held at a UKBA detention centre.

Union colleagues are appealing to supporters to contact the Home Secretary Theresa May urgently to halt the deportation in order to allow an unfinished appeal for asylum to proceed. The Shadow Scottish Secretary, Margaret Curran – Lorna’s MP – is understood to be working on her case.

The NUJ admits journalists seeking asylum in the UK as members of the union, providing them with legal advice as well as the peer support and solidarity of their fellow media workers.  In the last year, three asylum-seeker members have been granted refugee status by the Home Office, following campaigns to prevent their deportation.

There are details of how to assist in Lorna’s case here

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