UCU warns those who want to turn back the clock on immigration, also want to turn back the clock on women’s rights and workers’ rights

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immigration immigrantThe UCU is backing a new poster campaign aimed at countering anti-immigrant rhetoric that can be found in some parts of the media and political debate.

A series of posters were yesterday rolled out on billboards throughout the country and at national rail stations and in London tube stations. The posters feature 15 immigrants from different parts of the country with varied occupations and nationalities.

The posters all carry the message ‘I am an Immigrant’ and have a simple line outlining their contribution to British society. The posters include mental health nurses, sports stars, musicians, lecturers, comedians and public sector employees.

The campaign is being run by the Movement Against Xenophobia, which is a network of organisations, faith groups and individuals. The posters were funded through a remarkable crowd-funding appeal which raised over £50,000 in just three weeks.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: “Those who want to turn back the clock on immigration, also want to turn back the clock on women’s rights and workers’ rights. The current political debate focuses too much on searching for scapegoats and fostering an intolerance of others.

“We need a far more positive approach from politicians of all stripes and this campaign is a timely reminder of the huge benefits of immigration.”

Earlier this year, UCU launched a booklet – Why immigration is good for us – that detailed the important impact immigration has on Britain.


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