TUC condemns deliberate attack on trade union funding

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ParliamentThe government has confirmed it is pushing ahead with controversial plans to scrap check-off arrangements in the public sector.

Check-off is the system through which employers make deductions for trade union membership via payroll.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This is a deliberate attack on trade union funding that will be disruptive for workplaces across the UK.

“The current system has worked well for decades in the public and private sector. And employers are rightly concerned that getting rid of check-off will strain industrial relations and be bad for staff morale.

“The government should be looking to work positively with workers and their representatives, not dreaming up new ways to make their lives harder.

“Ministers have pushed through these changes without proper consultation and without any consideration of the impact they will have on employment relations.”

NHS employers last week warned ministers that getting rid of check-off will damage employee relations and morale. And former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said in August that there was no “fiscal case” for getting rid of it.

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