Public transport lobbyist have launched a campaign today to pressurise the UK Treasury to halt fare rises


The TSSA union has joined forces with public transport lobbyists to protest at the latest increase in rail fares as commuters return to work for the first time since the New Year holiday.

The #Farefail campaign is using Twitter and other social media to publicise its message that rail fares are rising in the UK when trains here are already the most expensive in Europe.

The union is blaming the Prime Minister personally for the increase and depicted him as The Fat Controller at a protest demo in London. TSSA placards showing David Cameron as the Thomas the Tank engine character greeted commuters arriving at St Pancras station, along with a union jazz band.

Fares increased from January 1st by an average of ‎5.9%.

According to campaign groups, some off-peak return fares between London and cities such as Cardiff, Exeter and Plymouth have risen by more than 9%. They say ticket prices in three years time will be 24% more expensive than now

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes warned: “This is just the start of three years of real pain for all passengers.

“The £4,000 annual season ticket is now commonplace in the South East. By 2015, the £5,000 annual season ticket will be as well thanks to Ministers insisting on inflation plus an extra 3% on top of that in 2013 and 2014.

“Mr Cameron talks glibly about everyone sharing the pain. Well rail passengers are taking the biggest share of the pain while ministers and MPs travel for free on the most expensive network in Europe.”

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