Nominate and vote for your favourite union song – what do you think everyone will be singing on #N30 strike day?


Following the success of “Let’s work together” by The Workers in this week’s download charts, we’re asking UnionNews readers to nominate and vote on what you think is the best ever song about trade unions, workers, strikers or the labour movement – ever.

It could be the Joe Hill classic “There is power in a union“. It could be one of the anthems from last year’s students uprising, “Let’s get marching” by The Agitator or “What about the children’s future?” by the rap poet Benjamin Zephaniah, or “Music and Politics” by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

We are fairly sure Billy Bragg will feature high in the chart – “Which side are you on?“, “Between the wars” or “Waiting for the Great Leap Foward” might all be nominated – but what about “Go Get Organised!” or “Lean on Me” by his one-time musical sparring partners, The Redskins?

She may not have written the lyrics, but Eddi Reader’s version of Si Kahn’s “What you do with what you’ve got” might get your vote as the most passionate rendition of his condemnation of prejudice against disability.

So, “which ones touch the sun” in your book?

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We’ll publish your top ten on the morning of November the 30th – with a swagbag of UnionNews goodies to the first nomination pulled at random out of the hat here at UnionNews Central.

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