The Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) is Austria’s unified, cross-party trade union organisation and has roughly 1.3 million members. GPA-djp, Austria’s Union of Private Sector Employees, Graphical Workers and Journalists with about 270 000 members, is the trade union with the most members within the ÖGB.

In co-operation with the other unions within the ÖGB, GPA-djp sees itself as an organisation that represents the interests of all salary earning employees in Austria’s private sector industry at a political, economic, social and cultural level.

GPA-djp is an inter-sectoral trade union that represents all salary earning employees working in the private sector industry in Austria as well as journalists and all employees in the graphical sector. We represent employees working in the service sectors as well as in the manufacturing industries, ranging from apprentices to managerial staff, from students to retirees.

GPA-djp represents many different economic sectors in the service industry such as commerce, financial and economic services, social insurance, health and welfare services as well as in the manufacturing industries including all workers in the graphical industries and the media sector, but also in journalism, research, education, culture, charitable societies as well as the gambling, communication, tourism and leisure industries.
Through its matrix organisation that consists of geographical (regional offices) and professional divisions (economic sections) GPA-djp aims at keeping in close contact with its members. GPA-djp has separate divisions for youth and women that ensure a well-aimed representation of their particular interests. In addition to this, GPA-djp has established special interest groups for people that work in similar fields of employment, such as professional and managerial staff, information and communication technology workers, field staff, freelancers, trainers and other flexible forms of employment.

Works councils and young workers’ councils elected in establishments throughout Austria are the most important partners and disseminators of GPA-djp at work. It is our utmost aim to assist, support and co-operate with the works councils in their actions and campaigns.

GPA-djp keeps various bilateral and multilateral relations with private sector employee unions in many countries all across the world. Through our affiliation to UNI Global Unions and WOW (World Organisation of Workers) as well as to specific sectoral trade union federations like UNI Europa, IndustriALL, EMCEF (European Chemical Workers Federation), EPSU (European Public Service Union) for the energy sector, IJF (Journalists Federation) and EFFAT (European Food Workers Federation) we participate broadly in international and European decision-making processes.

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