A Palestinian taxi driver was shot dead after a minor traffic incident with an Israeli settler.

Shadi Khasib's taxi after the incident

Shadi Khasib’s taxi after the incident

Shadi Khasib, a 36 year old Palestinian taxi driver, was shot dead near the Bedouin village of Khan Al-Ahmar in the West Bank on Monday, after colliding with a settlers’ car. The accident happened near a junction leading to the West Bank settlement of Kfar Adumim. The settler alleges that Mr Khasib threatened him with a knife.

Paddy Crumlin, the president of the transport workers’ international, the ITF, spoke out and condemned the attack.

He said: “According to his colleagues and family, Shadi Khasib, a father of three, was shot dead at work by an Israeli settler following a minor road traffic accident between his and the settler’s car. Witnesses described the killing as being like ‘an execution’.

“This cold-blooded killing is horrifying. Palestinian drivers regularly report harassment from soldiers, particularly at checkpoints, and now we have an innocent working man being shot dead by an armed civilian.

“These drivers are working in fear of their lives. This daily humiliation and intimidation must stop. We call on the Israeli government to investigate and prosecute, and act now to cease the deliberate victimisation of these drivers.”

There has been an increase in violence in Israel and Palestine over the past few months, and talks of a Third Intifada. This follows increased settlement activity, and Israeli action limiting Palestinian access to the al Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount.

Israel blames Palestinian activism on inflammatory posts in social media, and has met with Google in an attempt to get agreement on censoring content.

There have been deaths on both sides, but the summary execution of Palestinians by Israeli citizens who claim to be under threat has been a dominant feature.

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