UNISON, Unite and FBU rubbish report that says axing 400,000 is ‘easily manageable’


UNISON, Unite and the FBU have slammed a report which claims axing 400,000 public jobs was ‘easily manageable’.

Reformers and wreckers, published last week by Reform, argues for fewer, better, more productive workers in the public sector.

It drew immediate criticism from unions, who accused the right wing think tank of sacrificing public sector jobs to promote its political agenda.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Reform is completely out of touch, and so is anyone who thinks that cutting 400,000 jobs is ‘easily manageable’. This shows complete contempt for working people, public services and those who rely on them.

“If you want decent, quality public services we need to have enough people to deliver them. This country doesn’t need to lose another 400,000 jobs. It needs to make sure people have employment and an income, to provide for themselves and their families.”

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmel said: “Unfortunately, this anti-public sector rhetoric is turning into reality with policies designed to break up the national education and health services.

“The continuing crude attack on public sector pensions is part of this chorus. Such attacks will hit the retirement incomes of much-valued public servants, such as health visitors, teachers and paramedics.

“The not-so-hidden agenda of organisations like Reform is the break-up of the 1945 welfare state for the benefit of the market-driven private sector, where good education and heath provision will be the prerogative of the wealthy.

“Reform’s recommendations for abolishing national pay agreements for teachers and health staff have nothing to do with raising standards, but cutting costs to the bone – and not recognising that public sector workers deserve fair pay and conditions for their dedicated work.

“Britain and its citizens have gained enormously from the benefits of the public sector over the last 65 years, where the ethos of service for all has transcended the profit motive of a few. This ethos is being seriously eroded by the government.

“Unite is not saying that public services can’t be improved – but that dismantling them is not the answer.”

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said: “It is dangerous and ignorant right wing trash to suggest that more cuts to an already depleted fire service are manageable. We’ve been cut to the bone already and further frontline cuts will have a devastating impact.

“We’ve already been cut to pieces. To follow the Refrom agenda will put the lives of the public and fire crews at much greater risk at all the incidents we respond to.”

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