RMT and Unite take Bombardier and Remploy protests to Parliament


Members from RMT and Unite are this afternoon taking part in a Parliamentary rally and lobby to save jobs at Bombardier in Derby and Remploy factories across the UK.

Last week RMT published new figures that once more demonstrated the appalling injustice of the decision not to award the Thameslink trains manufacturing contract to the UK’s last train manufacturer.

General secretary Bob Crow said: “The battle for Bombardier and the future of train building in the UK remains well and truly on. We don’t want warm words from the Government about manufacturing jobs and apprenticeships – we want them to get off their backsides and intervene now to save the ten thousand jobs under threat from the Bombardier betrayal. They will pay a political price of huge proportions across the East Midlands if they fail to take this issue seriously while there is still time.”

At the same time, protesting Unite members will tell MPs the jobs of 2,800 disabled workers are at risk because the government would rather pull the plug and sell off publicly-funded factories than invest in skilled jobs for disabled workers.

On top of ten thousand job losses at Bombardier’s Derby factory and in the supply chain, the RMT says nearly 250 apprenticeships and engineering jobs for new graduates from the Bombardier “Centre of Excellence” will be lost if the government fails to reverse the decision to send the Thameslink fleet contract overseas.

With a million young people out of work, the union believes kicking the legs from under a skills and training Centre of Excellence is a further major blow to youth employment.

RMT has also learnt from parliamentary answers that more accountants than engineers advised the government on the contract. Of the nine government officials involved in the project only two had an engineering background.

Bob Crow said: “The Thameslink contract has been a fit up from start to finish. RMT has shown that the government spent ten times as much for advice from lawyers and accountants than engineers with more than £20 million spent on management consultants to oil the wheels of the Bombardier stitch up. It is shameful that the procurement exercise has been dominated by accountants and management consultants on fat fees while the skills, and engineering excellence of Bombardier at Derby has been totally ignored. Our lobby and rally will demand that the Government put right this wrong.”

* The RMT lobby is in Committee Room 10 in the Houses of Parliament at 12.30pm and the Unite lobby takes place in Committee Room 13 from 2-4pm.



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