The Fire Brigades Union is the democratic, professional voice of firefighters in the UK

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The Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) is Austria’s unified, cross-party trade union organisation …

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The International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Worke …

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The Public and Commercial Services Union is one of the largest unions in the UK, with around 270,000 …

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News April 14, 2016 / Gary Herman Global networks confronting global challenges Paper workers are be …

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“We endorse USI as a forum to exchange ideas and build up transnational initiatives, we commit to participate by bringing in our experiences and proposals, and encourage the participation of our trade-union structures at local level and company/group level. We agree that such participation is done through written articles, podcasts, video conferencing and social media. We look forward to testing the potential of USi particularly in terms of involving young generations of members, delegates and officers.” Agostino Megale, General Secretary, FISAC-CGIL, Italy

Agostino Megale, General Secretary, FISAC-CGIL, Italy

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Communication Workers’ Union

“As the Union representing workers in the communications and postal industry, the CWU understands the value of effective messaging in driving successful campaigns. As an organising Union we believe that engagement, both at a local and international level, is crucial to advancing workers’ rights.”

Ian McArdle, Head of Organising, CWU Ireland

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General Federation of Trade Unions

“The General Federation of Trade Unions is delighted to support this new initiative. The great tradition of trade union internationalism is alive and well and we looking forward to working with USi to develop it amongst a new generation using modern media and through our education programmes. We encourage every trade unionist and Branch and region of our unions to make use of this new resource.”

Doug Nicholls – GFTU General Secretary

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“Mandate Trade Union fully endorses the USi initiative. As workers, it is imperative that we all work together to ensure decent work and ethical standards are employed across all corners of the world. When a worker is exploited in one country, it impacts upon the working standards of all workers. By raising awareness of issues affecting workers globally and locally, USi helps to ensure workers get a fair deal and that solidarity, unity and fairness remain on the agenda for workers from Dublin to Dubai.”

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“SIPTU is absolutely convinced of the need for trade unions to make effective use of traditional and new media to advance our campaigning and organising strategies. That is why we allocate significant resources to the production and distribution of news and campaigning content through varied traditional and social media platforms. Our recent creation of a new social media campaigning role, in compliment to existing communications and campaigning roles, is a demonstration of our commitment to enhancing our Union’s social media presence and online campaigning activity. We are pleased to advise that SIPTU will endorse Union Solidarity International. We look forward to working with you to promote trade union and progressive campaigns and to building worker solidarity in our globalised world.”

Ethel Buckley, National Campaigns and Equality Organiser

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The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union

“The BFAWU are happy to be associated with this brilliant initiative of USI. As global markets open and companies shift operations around the world the need for co-ordinated, international trade unionism becomes more important. The BFAWU are committed to promoting a structured approach that benefits trade unions and trade union members across the world. USI provides this valuable structured approach.”

Ronnie Draper, General Secretary

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Thompsons Solicitors Scotland

‘Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors Scotland is delighted to support and be involved in Union Solidarity International. We all realise the importance of communicating and campaigning online for trade union rights but across the world but USi is also making a real difference on the ground in communities particularly in India. Thompsons Scotland has no hesitation in supporting this project and we would encourage others to do so.’

Pat McGuire, Thompsons Solicitors Scotland

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“The work USi is pioneering has exciting potential. Our struggles are now global, so USi’s efforts to help unions work together globally is a big step forward for our movement.”

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United Food & Commercial Workers International Union

“The UFCW is pleased to endorse USi. We look forward to working with the organisation which has a growing support base around the world to promote and campaign for workers and human rights. The UFCW looks forward to strengthening our fight for stronger rights and fairer pay for workers in North America and internationalism with USi and it has our full support.” – .

Pat O’Neill, Executive Vice President, UFCW

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