Union stages contest outside House of Commons to highlight ‘Great Pensions Robbery’



UNISON has staged a pensions tug of war against masked raiders Cameron, Clegg and Osborne.

Public sector workers such as care assistants, nurses, paramedics, and many others are angry at government ministers’ plans to make detrimental changes to public sector pensions – they went head-to-head with the pensions raiders outside the House of Commons.

In the middle of the biggest ballot in history over the planned changes, UNISON published a dossier outlining why their changes represent ‘The Great Pensions’ Robbery’.

Assistant general secretary Karen Jennings said: “Government ministers’ plans to make detrimental changes to public sector pensions have nothing to do with affordability. We believe these plans are just a cynical move to raise £4 billion to pay down the deficit caused by the bankers. Instead of raiding the pensions of hard working public service workers, why not impose a tiny transaction tax on the banks instead – this would raise £20 billion a year?

“The plans are not only totally unfair, they are unnecessary. Both the health and local government schemes have billions more going in than is paid out in pensions. Wide ranging reforms less then five years ago have already cut the cost of pensions. This really is the Great Pensions’ Robbery – that’s why we are urging members to Vote Yes in our ballot for industrial action.”

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