Prentis says move is a step in the right direction and will protect vulnerable workers


UNISON has welcomed the new rights for hundreds of thousands of agency workers across the UK, which come into force today.

The move will mean that, after 12 weeks in the same role, agency workers will be entitled to the same pay, holiday and working hours as permanent staff.

Agency staff will also receive improved maternity rights and will now be able to use any facilities provided by the hirer, including crèches, canteen, or transport services.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: “New rights for agency workers are a huge step in the right direction. For far too long agency workers have faced discrimination at work. They are often paid less, work longer hours, without overtime, and receive less holiday than permanent staff doing the same job.

“We have always campaigned for equal treatment for agency workers, as employers have regularly over-used agency staff – keeping them in place for many years, instead of using them to manage peaks of work. This disrupts team work and will not help build a trained and professional workforce.”

PCS commented on the new rights here and the TUC and CWU commented here

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