Union has been in negotiations for months, but company refuses to budge on pay


Unite has launched a national ballot for industrial action covering Selex Galileo workers in Edinburgh and other sites across the UK including Luton, Basildon and Southampton.

The union has been in negotiations for months over pay the company’s pay offer. SELEX Galileo is a multi national and part of the Italian Finmeccanica group and a leading global player in defence electronics.

The company is refusing to move on a 2.5% offer which equates to an annual increase of £750. This is despite rising inflation with the Retail Prices Index at 5.6% and rising living costs.

Unite Regional Officer Gillian McKay said: “The offer by SELEX Galileo is not acceptable which is why we have been left with no option but to ballot the workforce. This is a company who last year made a profit of £24,900 for every person they employ. The company can clearly afford to pay substantially more but they are choosing not too.

“We’re urging all of our members to vote for strike action in order to bring the company back to the negotiating table and to end the culture of below inflation salary increases.”

The result will be released on Monday 28th November.

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