Official breakdown across eleven sectors balloted shows support for strike in some areas tops 80%


Unite has released a full break-down of the public sector pensions ballot result to local reps in the eleven sectors where the vote took place, from the Ministry of Defence and the NHS to local government across the UK.

The results are:

Defence Support Groups. For: 84% Against 16%

Ministry of Defence. For: 81% Against: 19%

National Offenders Management Scheme. For: 77% Against: 23%

National Health Service, England and Wales. For: 71% Against: 29%

National Health Service, Northern Ireland. For: 78% Against 22%

National Health Service, Scotland. For: 81% Against: 19%

Health Protection Agency. For: 64% Against: 36%

NHS Bioproducts Laboratories. For: 83% Against: 17%

Local Government, England and Wales. For: 79% Against: 21%

Local Government, Northern Ireland. For: 87% Against: 13%

Local Government, Scotland. For: 74% Against: 26%

In a statement on the results, Unite says the vote “heaps further pressure upon the government to rethink its plans to force public sector workers to pay more and work longer, but for a poorer pension in retirement”.

The union says a deal has been struck with the Scottish government to freeze the increase in pension contributions for two years.   “While Unite sees this as progress, wage freezes, the change in contribution calculation for all public workers coupled with the increase in retirement age means that workers will be paying more for less.

It goes on: “For all public sector workers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the change in the way the pensions are calculated from RPE to CPI will see 15% automatically wiped off the value of pensions.  Unite is one of a group of unions currently challenging this move in the High Court”.

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