A shout-out to our friends in the NSA!

Union Solidarity International news update 11 June 2013.

As riot police move in to Taksim Square, we analyse the roots and meaning of this important protest. Is Occupy Gezi the Turkish Commune? Is it a Movement or a Moment? What does it mean when a democratically elected government faces protests of this scale?

We look at the role of unions, the democratic deficit and the creeping pro-corporate authoritarianism that is increasingly a feature in more and more countries.

We say “hi” to our fans in the NSA, and look at the PRISM programme and its monitoring of online activity, with the likely complicity of major internet companies, including Google, Facebook and Apple. What does this mean for activists?

You can watch the video:

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Please also send a message to Prime Minister Erdogan telling him to halt police violence.

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