We’re sponsoring the away strip for the anti-racist football team United Glasgow FC.

The new United Glasgow FC away strip

The new United Glasgow FC away strip

United Glasgow FC is a community football club that aims to represent all of Glasgow, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or financial position.

The club was formed in 2011 to provide a point of access to regular, structured football for those who would usually find themselves excluded; financially or by discrimination.

While the club was formed to help primarily refugees and asylum seekers, players from all backgrounds and all walks of life are welcomed.

The guiding principles of the club are anti-discrimination and financial inclusion. By keeping costs to an absolute minimum and not charging players for games or training, the club can bring together individuals from communities who otherwise may not have met through a shared love of football.

The club now operates two men’s 11-a-side teams, a men’s futsal team, a women’s 11-a-side team and a women’s 5-a-side team, as well as beginners football sessions. You can find more information about upcoming matches on the Facebook page or the club website.

United Glasgow FC is part of a return to community-based, inclusive, political football that seen growing popularity as fans tire of expensive tickets and corporate control of modern football. Like East London’s Clapton Ultras, United Glasgow has a distinctly anti-racist and inclusive message.

Read more in this Guardian article.

Replica jerseys with be available soon.

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