Jonathan Corrie was 43, from Kilkenny and was homeless. Many of his friends joined with about 150-200 in a vigil outside the Dail to remember him in a dignified manner last Wednesday night. There was an emergency debate on housing taking place in the warmth of the Dail as people stood out in the bitter cold to remember their friend, Jonathan, or to stand in solidarity with Jonathan and his friends

Homelessness on rise in Ireland

There has been a 20% increase in homelessness in Dublin over the past year. Focus Ireland, a housing charity reported that up to 800 children and their families were made homeless this year.

Jonathan’s friends remember a kind man who was let down by the system.

There were many people present who knew Jonathan and they spoke to us of a gentleman. Sharon described how another friend of Jonathan, Mark, also homeless,  who had died on the streets. His death devastated jonathan. She said he was happy now and with his friend. Paul Meehan, who also knew Jonathan was in shock said it could have been him who died. It was a very emotional vigil.



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