Latest deal comes as negotiations continue with London Underground. RMT demanding any summer 2012 bonus must apply to all staff


RMT has confirmed it has secured a £500 Olympics and Paralympics payment for Virgin Rail staff.

Staff will also get an extra days leave for the Queen’s Diamond jubilee.

Negotiations are continuing with London Underground on an Olympics bonus for staff.  Last week, RMT rejected an offer of payments worth up of £100 depending on meeting ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ targets and £20 per shift worked during the 4 weeks of the Games.

RMT officials say they want any LU offer to apply to all staff.

The Virgin Rail package will also see wages and allowances rise by up to £950 from April this year and a £500 flat rate payment for staff for additional pressures on services throughout the period of the games.

The union has already negotiated Olympics bonuses with the other London rail operators:

  • Network Rail – £500 flat rate
  • London Overground – minimum of £600 guaranteed with more for the majority of staff
  • Docklands Light Railway – £900 flat rate plus guaranteed overtime at enhanced rates making the deal worth around £2500

It has been estimated that an extra 3 million people per day could use London’s rail system every day of the Olympics, from mid-July to mid-September.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow (pictured, right) said: “This is another deal that protects our members’ standards of living and rewards them for carrying the extra pressure of the Olympics.

“It is also another victory for RMT’s industrial campaigning and organising strategy which has delivered the goods for our members once again and is a tribute to the skill and experience of RMT’s negotiators.”

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