UnionNews encourages people to vote “Yes” in newspapers’ strike polls


Members of the public have been invited by three newspapers to vote on whether or not UNISON members are right to strike.

UnionNews respects the democratic decision taken by members to strike, and believes the fight against pensions theft is a fair fight. We have, therefore, voted ‘Yes’  and would encourage our readers to do the same.

The Guardian poll has now closed with more than 77% of voters saying the union is right to call a strike here

To vote ‘Yes’ in the Daily Star poll – Are these strikes right? – you can call – 0901 030 8389 – or text DSFRIYES to 80088 – calls cost 25p texts, 25p plus standard text. To vote in the Daily Telegraph poll, you can click this link.

* To achieve a 29 per cent turnout of their readers, the Daily Telegraph needs 176,084 people to vote, while the Daily Star requires 197,568

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