Unite leader urges people to turn up the pressure and urge MPs to vote against the Health and Social Care Bill


The British public has just 13 days to stop the pro-privatisation Health and Social Care Bill, Unite’s general secretary, Len McCluskey will tell a TUC rally in London tonight.

He will tell the 2,000-strong rally at Central Hall, Westminster that it was expected that the bill will pass into law by 20 March – despite almost universal opposition from health professionals, from doctors to paramedics, as well as the general public.

Len McCluskey will say: “We have just thirteen days to save the NHS from falling into the hands of the private healthcare companies that are set to make millions in profits for their shareholders.

“The government is steamrollering the Bill through parliament despite united opposition from professionals, patients and the public. The amendments in the Lords may have bought off the Lib Dems but they will do nothing for patients and the public will see through them.

“The public needs to step up the pressure and urge MPs to vote against this bill. Otherwise the NHS that we have known since its formation in 1948 – a universal service, free at the point of delivery – will disappear forever into the hands of profiteers.”

He will go on to warn: “MPs need to know that if they fail to scrap the Bill their constituents will make their views known at the ballot box at the next General Election. We cannot have an NHS where wallets come before need or where the boardroom beats the ward.

“The message is simple and clear – we want a health service that is based on the needs of the many, not the profits of few.”

Unite has 100,000 members who work for the health service.

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