Union has concerns over Hinchingbroke arrangement but says members will ensure patients come first


UNISON says it will work with the private company now running Hinchingbrooke Hospital to make sure it remains a good place to be a patient and member of staff.

The union reiterated its concerns about a private company taking over the hospital, warning that if it fails, the public sector – and ultimately the taxpayer – will have to come to the rescue or patients and the local community will suffer.

UNISON assistant general secretary Karen Jennings said: “We want, above all, to make sure Hinchingbrooke remains a good hospital – delivering for patients and investing in staff. We will work with Circle to achieve that.

“But we know that many patients and staff will be worried today about a private company coming in to run their local hospital. And rightly so. Circle has never run an A&E or maternity ward, and its only other hospital has just 16 beds, and provides non-urgent surgery. It’s not comparable to running a hospital of this size, or delivering services on this scale or of this complexity. UNISON wants to ensure the health and safety of all concerned.

“In healthcare, patients must always come first, but private companies will always have profits and shareholders at the top of the list. Our job will be to make sure that patient care and good quality health services continue to be delivered at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.”

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