Union attacks government ‘gamble’ that means women are the big losers


Women make up three quarters of the jobs lost in local authorities in South East England, according to new analysis by the GMB.

Research from the Office of National Statistics shows women in all other regions in England and Wales are also disproportionately affected, with the most equal region being the East Midlands, where 57.3% of jobs lost were women.

Other figures are the East of England (72.7%), South West (69.8%), West Midlands (69.3%), Yorkshire and the Humber (69.1%), North East (68.7%), North West (65.2%), Wales (62.2%) and London (60.7%).

GMB national officer for equalities Kamaljeet Jandu said, “The drop in the number of women employed in local government and state schools in England and Wales accounts for 68.2% of the drop in numbers employed by these councils and schools since the general election.

“Women suffering like this a direct result of the government cuts in public spending. This was entirely predictable because the public sector employs more women than men.

“The drop in the number of women employed in the public sector means a serious loss of income from employment to women in the North West region. Many households depend on having income from two wage earners to pay the mortgage and the household bills. The impact will be even worse in the quarter of households with children that are headed by lone parents, 90 per cent of whom are women.

“The Tories and Lib Dem’s big gamble that private sector growth would create enough jobs to compensate for their cuts in public sector jobs has failed as the continuing rise in unemployment to 2.7 million shows.

“In the middle of the worst international recession for 80 years it is the government itself that is creating unemployment with 381,000 public sector posts already gone and still more cuts to come. These lost jobs could have been available to the 2.7 million workers now facing the despair of mass unemployment.

“Government policy is hurting but it’s not working. The budget was a missed opportunity to put the priority on investment to create jobs and boost confidence rather than cutting the tax rate from 50p to 45p for those on top salaries. The squandering of human talent through unemployment is a crime that will haunt future generations.”

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