Unions say cost of rail fares on the busiest routes has risen 3 times faster than cost of living in 20 years since privatisation

Tim Lezard

Action for Rail ticket_closeupCampaigners say the cost of rail fares on the busiest routes has risen 3 times faster than the cost of living in the 20 years since privatisation.

The TSSA has published a Top Ten chart of the most expensive city journeys.

A ‘walk on’ single fare from London to Manchester has gone up 208%, to Exeter by 205% and Cardiff by 196%.

Over the same period, RPI inflation has risen by 66%.

The union calculates that average rail fares have increased overall by 102.8% since 1995, the year after British Rail was sold to Railtrack.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “Private rail firms were given a licence to print money in the 1990s and they have been ripping off passengers ever since.”

“This chart demolishes the Tories’ claim when they sold off British Rail that fares would get cheaper.

“Funnily enough, at the time there was a record in the charts called, ‘Would I Lie To You?

“Well, sadly, rail passengers have now found out the answer to that one.”

“What we have seen is little more than legalised daylight robbery on a grand scale. Passengers have suffered all the pain while private operators have seen all the gains.

“Now we are number one in Europe for the highest fares.”

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