Unite members hold protest outside LGA board meeting


Unite members are today demonstrating in London against the Local Government Association’s decision not to award a pay increase for JNC Youth and Community Workers in the 2012 pay round.

The decision means a third consecutive year of a ‘non offer’ of zero per cent for thousands of workers despite inflation over the same period running above 10 per cent. This is another slap in the face for Unite members as the zero per cent pay offers for the last three years equate to a 10 per cent pay cut in real terms.

The union has asked the LGA to adopt the ‘living wage’ figure for all UK youth and community workers as some local authorities are already adopting this measure and Unite is seeking its adoption nationally.

Unite national officer for youth and community workers, Mike Robinson, said: “Unite members, who are livid over yet another zero per cent pay offer, will make their feelings clear at the protest today, demanding a realistic pay increase and a living wage for youth and community workers.

“The zero per cent pay offer for 2012, on top of zero per cent increases for the previous two years, is a slap in the face for our members and means that youth and community workers pay has been cut by over 10 per cent in real terms.

“These workers provide valuable support through positive engagement with some of the most vulnerable groups in our society and the benefits of youth work are immense to the young people, their communities and to society as a whole.

“Failure by the LGA to adopt a living wage for youth and community workers means that many skilled and professional staff struggle to meet higher food and fuel costs which has also had a significant impact on the recruitment and retention of such a valuable workforce.”

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