Fire-fighters, air traffic control staff, engineers, fuel staff, and admin/check-in personnel want fair treatment


300 workers at Highlands&Islands Airports are to ballot on industrial action over a 2011 pay offer and harmonisation with colleagues at other Scottish airports.

Prospect members at Dundee airport, including fire-fighters, air traffic control staff, engineers, fuel staff, and admin/check-in personnel, say they do the same jobs as others across the group, but are paid up to £10,000 less. The company has offered a zero increase, with a £250 increase for those earning less than £21,000.

National secretary Alan Denney said: “Members at Dundee have a simple objective – fair treatment. And that objective is also simple to achieve. HIAL must accept the harmonisation of pay rates across its airports.”

If the ballot is successful, members will take one-day strike action followed by an overtime ban. The overtime ban would affect late-running aircraft from London City airport and other flights due to the non-availability of fire-fighting crews and air traffic staff.

Denney said Dundee airport would be obliged to close after normal rostered hours if overtime was not worked. The airport may also find itself short-staffed on other days, if staff are absent on leave or at training courses.

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