Activists from RMT organise London meeting for John Carlos


Black power salute Olympic hero John Carlos tonight addresses trade unionists at a meeting in London, organised by RMT activists from London Underground.

John Carlos, one of the two athletes who featured in arguably the most iconic image from the modern history of the games, raised a gloved fist along with his comrade Tommie Smith on the podium in Mexico in 1968.

He will be speaking together with Doreen Lawrence and others at a public meeting “Resistance – the Best Olympic Spirit” starting at 7pm at Friends House, Euston. The event is also supported by the FBU.

He said: “Coming to the UK on the eve of the Olympics is a very exciting opportunity for me to talk with the new generation about why we did what we did back in 1968. When Tommie Smith and I raised our fists on that medal platform at the Olympics, we knew that we would catch hell but we didn’t care. We didn’t care because we wanted the coming generations to live and breathe as full citizens with equal rights. I was just concerned with right and wrong. We went out there for humanity. We are here 43 years later because the fight is still to be won.”

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “You cannot divorce sport from the continuing struggle for economic and social justice and we are delighted that RMT activists have been instrumental in bringing John Carlos to Britain for this important meeting in the run up to the London Olympics. It will send a message to young people that those who excel in the sporting arena can also play a pivotal and active role in the fight for equality and progress.”

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