Union’s crocodile tears tour comes to a city where 25 workers are blacklisted

GMB protest in Bristol at blacklisting, March 2015

GMB protest in Bristol at blacklisting, March 2015

GMB is today holding a protest in Bristol to shame David Cochrane and Cullum McAlpine of Sir Robert McAlpine for their part in blacklisting 3,214 construction workers – 25 of whom come from the city.

The demonstration takes place outside the Sir Robert Mc Alpine office at 100 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol BS32 4TT.

GMB national officer Justin Bowden said: “David Cochrane and Cullum McAlpine might have thought they had got away scot-free, so shedding crocodile tears now for the systematic blacklisting of 3,213 building workers and environmentalists won’t wash, neither will the Nuremberg defence of ‘just following superior orders’.

“These so-called HR professionals who ran the blacklists for the construction companies knew exactly what they were doing and they need to either apologise, come clean and say what they did, or get used to accounting in public for the damage they did to those they blacklisted and their families, especially with the public inquiry Labour has pledged after the next election.

“Just as the construction companies who paid their wages are being called to account in parliament, the courts and the media, every single one of these secret blacklisters will have their role dissected in public.”

Blacklisting came to light in 2009 when the Information Commissioner’s Office CO seized The Consulting Association (TCA) database of workers used by 44 companies to vet new recruits and keep out of employment trade union and health and safety activists.

David Cochrane was Human Resources Director of Sir Robert McAlpine from 2006-2009 and the last Chairman of The Consulting Association 2006-2009. During the closure of TCA his main concern was for Cullum McAlpine’s name to be kept out of any publicity. He was responsible for the fines, legal and closing down costs incurred by TCA.

Cullum McAlpine is a Director of Sir Robert McAlpine and Chairman of The Consulting Association 1993-1996. Sir Robert McAlpine paid for The Consulting Association to be set up and paid for the historic blacklist files from the Economic League.



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