Construction workers’ union has taken campaign for justice for blacklisted workers to Labour Party conference


UCATT has taken the campaign for justice for blacklisted workers to the Labour Party Conference.

(Pictured: Blacklist Support Group banner outside Pinnacle construction site, London)

Speaking in a debate on employment rights, UCATT delegate Terry Renshaw, who is also a veteran of the Shrewsbury Pickets campaign, called for a public inquiry into the role of the state in blacklisting construction workers and called for Labour to outlaw the ‘nasty, deceitful, vindictive activity’ if it is re-elected.

“We must have a public inquiry into the role of the state in wrecking the lives of trade unionists.

“We need to stamp out blacklisting once and for all. And we need the next Labour Government to make sure that this happens.”

 His comments come as MPs are continuing an investigation into whether the unlawful surveillance of trade union activists is continuing.

Anti-blacklisting campaigners and the civil rights group, Liberty, are calling for the government’s information watchdog, the ICO, to release full details of the contents of a database compiled by the now-defunct Consulting Association on behalf of dozens of major construction companies.

It lists the names of more than 2,000 union reps as well as academics, politicians and activists who were monitored for their trade union activities during a period dating from the 1990s to 2009, when the database was seized and the CA shut down by the courts.

Terry Renshaw also warned delegates at the Manchester conference: “Blacklisting hasn’t gone away. It is unlikely the Consulting Association was the only organisation involved in construction blacklisting.

“Blacklisting can and does occur in other industries.”

Steve Murphy, general secretary of UCATT, said: “UCATT is totally committed to winning justice for blacklisted workers.

“It is vital that Labour demonstrates its fundamental belief in social justice by eradicating blacklisting once and for all.”

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