RMT ballots for strike action at London’s bike hire scheme over pay, working hours and attendance


RMT members running London’s “Boris Bikes” hire scheme are to be balloted for strike action.

The union is angry at the imposition of changes to working hours, no extra money during the Olympics and an unfair attendance policy. The RMT has already secured an Olympic bonus of up to £1,000 for members working on London Underground, and is balloting for action over an Olympic bonus for members working at ticketing and barrier engineering company Cubic Transportation Services.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Despite an increasing workload this summer as we head towards the Olympics the staff running the London cycle hire scheme are facing a bullying management who are imposing outrageous changes to conditions of service while denying our members any additional reward for the pressure of the games.

“RMT will not stand aside and watch this group of key transport staff get kicked from pillar to post. The London Cycle Hire Scheme is much more than a vanity project and a publicity stunt for the London Mayor, it is now a valuable part of our transport system and the staff should be valued as such.

“We are sending out the clearest message to Serco Barclays, the scheme operators, by calling this ballot that we are serious about this fight for justice on pay and working conditions and we remain available for talks.”

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