Unite says job losses at IT giant are “severe body blow”


Unite members working for IT services giant Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) have been left devastated by news that the company is to make a further 640 redundancies, taking to 1,100 the amount of job losses since February.

Following several weeks of consultation over a reduction of staff working on the NHS account, this further announcement comes totally out of the blue and has left workers feeling devastated.

Unite national officer Kevin O’Gallagher said: “This announcement of a further 640 job cuts has dealt our members a severe body blow and left them absolutely devastated.

“We have put forward a detailed plan which will avoid any compulsory redundancies in the company, however these plans have not been taken up and CSC is insistent on issuing compulsory redundancy notices despite receiving sufficient number of volunteer requests to leave the company.

“Also, Unite and our members at CSC are disgusted at the National Offshoring Association’s (NOA) backing of CSC’s redundancy plans as has been reported in some IT and trade magazines. The position it has taken is clearly misinformed.

“The NOA has taken no consideration of the fact that the union plans to allow for voluntary redundancy rather than compulsory redundancies. It also did not take into account, that from day one of the consultation, CSC has guaranteed that all its workers in India have had their jobs guaranteed regardless of expertise or level of skill.

“With the full support of our membership, Unite is determined to avoid any compulsory redundancies, which are clearly unnecessary and in the main to enhance the profits of its American shareholders. We now owe it to our members to do everything in our power to support them during this very uncertain time and fight these job cuts.”

Last week, Unite members from CSC’s Chesterfield, Chorley, Leeds and Solihull sites – where the majority of cuts are proposed – took part in lunch-time protests over the company’s refusal to listen to Unite’s proposals which will mitigate any compulsory redundancies.

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