GMB and Unite members employed by Swissport say company plans to make them work 14 days for free


Baggage handlers at Stansted Airport are on strike this weekend after last ditch peace talks failed.

GMB and Unite reps were forced to reject for a second time the company’s plans to make staff work 14 days for free.

At yesterday’s talks, employer Swissport failed to come to the negotiating table with a set of new proposals to address the concerns of its workforce.

The company’s decision to impose roster changes from four days on two days off to five days / two days without agreement will see airport ground staff, including baggage handlers work 14 extra days a year with no extra pay.

Speaking after the breakdown of talks, Unite regional officer Paul Bouch said: “Sadly, despite the unions’ best efforts to resolve this dispute, Swissport is stubbornly sticking to an offer which will see staff work 14 extra days a year for no extra pay – an offer which had already been roundly rejected by our members.

“Swissport is not listening – over 94 per cent of our members said ‘no’ to the company’s plans to impose changes to schedules and holidays. But it turns up to talks with the same unfair offer.”

The GMB’s Gary Pearce said: “Both unions are committed to settling this dispute, it’s a shame that Swissport does not share our commitment to the workforce. Strike action is always a measure of last resort, we hope Swissport sees sense soon.”

The strike action is taking place from 5.30am on Saturday until 5.30am on Wednesday.

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