GMB announces action over pay at BMA less than than 24 hours after BMA votes to strike themselves over pensions


GMB members employed by the BMA have voted by a majority of 81.2% to take industrial action over the refusal of the BMA to negotiate an improved pay offer for 2012.

The ballot result has been conveyed to the BMA and GMB has asked for further negotiations to avert industrial action. The turnout in the ballot was nearly 70%.

Yesterday BMA members themselves voted to go on strike over pensions.

Before this ballot result GMB members had already rejected a pay offer of 1.5% plus an additional 0.5% for high performers only. Indeed due to the outcome of a grading re-structuring, the offer for 67% of staff is in fact worth under 1.29% and 34% of staff it is worth less than 1.09%.

GMB organiser Anna Meyer said: “GMB has now conveyed the ballot result to the BMA. GMB has asked BMA to re-open the negotiations to avert industrial action.

“The next step is for GMB officials and Shop Stewards to meet to consider the ballot result and to plan the industrial action if the dispute is not resolved.

“The pay offer from BMA fell far short both of the RPI inflation for the year and of the median increase for pay settlements, which stands at 3% for the three months to January 2012. This is double what the BMA offered and which GMB members rejected.

“Despite repeatedly criticising the government for refusing to enter into serious negotiations on doctors’ pensions, the BMA has stated this is its final offer. Ironically, the BMA says that the cost of supporting the final salary pension scheme for just under half of its staff is a

key reason for suppressing pay.

“As it prepares for the first industrial action by doctors in 40 years, the British Medical Association now faces industrial action by its own staff. The BMA rightly expects the government to negotiate in good faith, and GMB call on the BMA to practice what it preaches and enter into negotiations with its own staff to resolve the dispute.”

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