NUT says it will spell out details of next steps in joint campaign with NASUWT over pay and performance management next week


Teachers have voted by 91/6% for industrial action over pay as part of a joint campaign involving both NUT and NASUWT.

(Pictured: teachers strike over pensions, London, March 2012)

The NUT announced that 82% of its members members had voted for strike action and more than 90% for action short of a strike.

Similar majorities were recorded for the ballots in Wales and in Sixth Form Colleges.

Officials say details of the next steps in the campaign will be outlined on Monday (10 September).

Christine Blower, NUT general secretary, said: “The NUT is left with no option but to take action to protect the well-being of our members and restore their rights to do their job thoroughly and properly.

“Teachers are being undermined by a Government whose almost daily criticisms and erosion of working conditions and pay, coming on top of previous attacks on pensions, are unacceptable. This negative approach to the profession has to stop.

“No other profession comes under such continual scrutiny and no other profession has accountability systems based on so little trust.

“This is bound to lower morale.

“It is time for Government to stop dictating to teachers and address the problems which they are creating. It is time to listen to the profession.”

The NUT executive has called for a joint meeting with senior reps in the NASUWT to agree on further steps in the campaign.

The NASUWT has welcomed the vote.

Its general secretary, Chris Keates, said: “This result is the reflection of two years of sustained assault from the Government which has been deeply damaging to teacher morale, as well as to recruitment and retention.”

In addition to the joint dispute on pay for teachers in England and Wales, both unions are concerned about performance management and appraisals systems applied to teachers in thousands of schools.

An executive rep for London, Martin Powell-Davies, said: “The huge majorities in favour show that NUT members are ready and willing to take action to oppose the barrage of attacks on our pay and working conditions being thrown at teachers by the Secretary of State, Michael Gove.

“The ballot result will allow the Union to escalate from action short of strike up to strike action where a school group, or groups, request it.

“This may rapidly become necessary in some schools and [local education] authorities.” he added.

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