Union secures deal to protect pensions, jobs and working conditions


The RMT  has settled a dispute with Serco Northlink Ferries, ensuring that pensions, jobs and working conditions are protected.

The deal follows a meeting that was held last week between RMT and Serco Northlink Ferries Managing Director Stuart Garrett. As a result, the written assurances regarding pensions, place of work, staffing levels and other outstanding issues the union was seeking have now been received. The company recognises, and has also clearly stated, that any future changes to existing terms and conditions or staffing levels must and will be subject to negotiation and agreement within the existing machinery.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The latest information on the Serco Northlink Ferries dispute has now been considered by the Union’s Executive Committee which has agreed that members’ major concerns have been addressed and has noted the commitment that no changes will take place in the future without negotiations. As a result of the above, the dispute is now resolved and the ballot for industrial action will be cancelled.

“RMT congratulates all of our members on their steadfast resolve and solidarity during this dispute which has led us to be able to successfully protect jobs and existing agreements. The successful conclusion of the dispute has demonstrated to all what can be achieved when workers are prepared to stand up and fight against threats and attacks from the employer.

“Should any agreement not be adhered to in the future, RMT will have no hesitation in fighting industrially and legally to protect our members position and that principal applies right across the board.”




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