Programme of action to begin on 23 October with one-day strike


Higher education lecturers in Scotland are to strike later this month over pay.

A programme of action will begin on 23 October with a one-day strike by members of the EIS.

Officials say successive below-inflation pay cuts mean lecturers have lost an average of £5,000 or 12.2% of the value of their salaries.

College employers had offered a pay increase of 1% for the coming year.

The EIS Emergency Committee gave formal approval earlier today to a programme of industrial action, which will include discontinuous strike action and other forms of industrial action.

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said: “Members have given their strong support for a programme of industrial action in protest at the continuing, long-term, decline in their levels of pay.

“Higher education lecturers have endured three successive years of real-terms pay cuts and have now signalled that they are not prepared to accept this year’s 1% pay offer from their employers which, for the fourth successive year, is significantly below the rate of inflation.

“The EIS will continue to support all its members in defending their living standards, where they are prepared to take a stand against continuing attacks on education and the teachers, lecturers and others who are essential to its delivery across Scotland.”

In a postal ballot, 72% supported industrial action short of strike action, with 54% supporting a strike.

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