Union says cuts have killed off the construction industry


UCATT has described the government’s plans to help kick-start the construction industry as doing “too little too late”.

General secretary Steve Murphy said: “The problems faced by the construction industry are of the government’s own making. It was their spending cuts which killed off a return to growth in the industry. While any assistance to the industry is welcome, these proposals are not providing new money for the industry.”

It is understood the government will seek to rapidly pass an Infrastructure Financial Assistance Bill, which will allow it to underwrite £40 billion of infrastructure works, providing they meet strict criteria. An additional £10 billion will be made available to underwrite the building of new home by guaranteeing the debt of private sector developers and housing associations.

Steve Murphy said: “The government’s obsession with cutting spending, means that they are forced to fiddle round the edges rather than invest directly in the construction industry. This scheme is too little too late to provide the boost that the construction industry desperately needs.”

UCATT has been campaigning and lobbying for a major investment in new build social housing for rent, as the best way of kick-starting the economy and also tackling the nation’s growing housing crisis.

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