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Activists demand that workers be given the right to supervise workplace safety

In the wake of Saturday’s massive explosion at a Kunshan factory that killed at least 75 workers and injured 180 others, a group of labour activists and academics has issued an open letter arguing that since factory owners and local governments have failed to protect workers, the workers themselves should be given the right to supervise workplace safety.

Source: China labour Bulletin

Could Stronger Unions Make China More Democratic?

A Chinese labour activist believes democracy begins not by casting a ballot for far-away political leaders, but electing your shop steward. And the interesting part is that the foundation for this emerging in workplaces across the nation that is defining, for better or worse, our global economy.

Source: The Nation

Q&A: Strikes peak in China with new generation of interconnected blue-collar workers

A record number of workers have gone on strike in China so far this year. The South China Morning Post sat down with Geoffrey Crothall of China Labour Bulletin to find out why and how workers in the world’s second-largest economy are becoming more assertive.

Source: South China Morning Post

Samsung Elec to pass fewer orders to China supplier in child labour response

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it will do 30 percent less business with a parts supplier after uncovering employment of child workers at the China-based firm, marking the IT giant’s strongest objection to the illegal practice to date.

Source: Reuters

Apple bans use of two potentially harmful chemicals in production of iPhones and iPads to protect factory workers

The technology giant took the decision after a petition was launched by two activist groups calling on Apple to stop using benzene and n-hexane to make the smart devices

Source: Mirror

Forgotten Chinese Labour Corps to Finally Get Memorial in London

Tens of thousands of Chinese farm laborers are finally getting recognized almost a century after they left their homes to help Britain during the First World War.

Source: China Topix



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