#dailyoutrage Arizona Firefighters remembered, protests in Egypt and Tazreen

In today’s #dailyoutrage we remember and honour the nineteen brave fire fighters who lost their lives in Arizona. USI sends our deep condolences to the families and the loved ones who tragically lost their lives. The tragedy brings to the forefront the life saving, rescue and protection work work that those in emergency services perform around the world. However, fire service staff and personnel are being treated abysmally particualrly in the UK. Responding to last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review in the UK after a 7.5% cut to the fire and rescue service budget Fire Brigades Union general secretary, Matt Wrack, said:

“After three years of station closures, 3,600 job losses and a dangerous slowing of response times, these new attacks to fire services will start to cut through bone. The UK’s capacity to cope with large or concurrent emergencies is under serious threat, and whoever wins the next election must ensure that emergency services are properly funded in order to prevent greater loss of life.”

The protest movement continues in Egypt as millions came onto the streets yesterday to protest against the President Morsi. The ITUC today have issued a statement has drawn our attention to the independent trade union movement, at the forefront of the reform movement, attacking Morsi’s record of suppression of workers’ rights, failure to “address deepening poverty and social exclusion, and crony-capitalist favouritism of supporters within his Brotherhood support base.” Finally, the New York Times reported this weekend the lack of progress being made in the police investigation into the Tazreen factory fire which resulted in one hundred and twelve deaths. No criminal charges being brought against the owner so far as the paper speculates he may never face trial or time behind bars.

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