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The Bangladeshi government introduces new labour laws that fall far short of what is needed. In order to prevent tragedies like Rana Plaza from happening again, workers in Bangladesh need to be able to organise freely.

Detroit has become the largest US city to file for bankruptcy. This is a terrible fate for what was once a proud working class city with thousands of well-paid, skilled jobs in the auto industry. Corporate greed and outsourcing changed the city’s fortunes – which shows what happens to society if we let markets control them.

And talking about letting markets control services, the UK Government has just sold Plasma Resources UK, which produces blood products, to Bain Capital, the venture capital firm founded by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Allowing venture capitalists to control vital health resources can’t end well – but it’s part of the Tory strategy to privatise the NHS.

At the same time, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) George Osborne has announced “generous” tax breaks for companies engaged in fracking – the contentious and environmentally destructive extraction of shale gas. Apart from destroying the countryside and polluting water, this will raise the UK’s carbon emissions at a time when the world faces an environmental crisis due to climate change.

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has horrified human rights campaigners by announcing that all refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat in future will be sent to internment centres in Papua New Guinea.

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