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The privatisation of justice and security is really alarming – particularly when it is given to a company as awful as G4S.

G4S is the largest security firm in the world. It is also the world’s third largest private sector employer, after Walmart and Foxconn.

So what’s wrong with them?

  • Chronic incompetence: G4S messed up their contract for the London Olympics
  • Fraud: G4S has recently been accused of fraud for overcharging the Department of Justice electronic monitoring.
  • Brutality: including the death of Jimmy Mubenga and Gareth Myatt
  • Supporting Israeli apartheid: G4S provides security in illegal West Bank settlements, at checkpoints and at prisons

…and much more.

And yet we still keep giving them billions in public money.

See here, and also the #StopG4S campaign

Also making headlines is the news that the recession in the Eurozone may be over – but don’t hold your breath for an end to austerity programmes. These are a political project to transfer wealth from ordinary people to the rich.

And across the world, we’re seeing a crisis of democracy – most recently in Bulgaria, where 100 MPs had to be rescued from Parliament by police after being trapped by angry protesters.

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