#dailyoutrage: General Strike in Portugal, teachers strike in the UK

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Portuguese workers embark on a general strike today in protest against the austerity policies that are destroying the aspirations of a whole generation. The strike has been particularly strong in the transport sector, as well as in waste collection, manufacturing and processing.

Austerity is having permanent damaging effects on society, with reports of a declining birth rate.

Teachers’ unions the NUT and NASUWT are starting rolling industrial action in England and Wales today by going on strike in the North West of the country, in cities like Manchester and Liverpool. The technical dispute is about pensions and terms and conditions, but there is widespread dismay at the damaging and reactionary policies of education secretary Michael Gove.

There have been worrying reports from Brazil about right wing infiltrators and agents provocateurs from the security services attempting to hijack the protest movement. There are reports of increased violence, and attacks on trade union members, amid speculation that the right hopes to instigate a coup.

Meanwhile in Chile, 100,000 people took to the streets to protest education policies.

Finally in the US, in a landmark victory for equality and gay rights, the Supreme Court has ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (which limits the rights of married gay couples) unconstitutional.

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