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The latest revelations about NSA surveillance show that the secretive USA agency has the power to monitor almost the entire internet activity of anyone in the world. With a single identifier, such as an email address, phone number, IP address or login name, the NSA can track and read our emails, chats, social media messages and web browsing activity. This is a level of surveillance that is unprecedented in human history and has absolutely no place in a democratic society.

Today is international day of action against the Prawer Plan – Israel’s plan to expel up to 70,000 Bedoiun from the Naqab/Negev. Join the action here.


Across the US, fast food workers are continuing to take industrial action for a living wage

In the UK, the #RacistVan has been doing the rounds of ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, in an absolutely sickening display of cynicism from the Coalition Government.

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