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The case of the workers at Firem in Modena, Italy, highlights the conflict in Europe between the needs of people and the demands of capital. These workers came back from their summer holidays to find their factory shut, and all the production equipment moved to Poland.

FIOM-CGIL members blockade Firem.

The establishment of the rule of technocrats overseeing Troika directives in the Eurozone periphery underlines how far the European project has strayed from its professed democratic ideals.

Meanwhile, the campaign for decent wages in the fast food industry in the US gathers strength: tomorrow will see nationwide industrial action demanding a minimum wage of $15. The demographic of fast food workers has changed over the years, and the industry is increasingly made up of people trying to support families, rather than young people in their first jobs.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the imminent release of the documentary Ruins, about the HIV-positive women in Greece who were imprisoned.

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