Union says 8,000 fully-trained security staff face life unemployed after Games finish


GMB  is calling on employers across the UK to assist union members employed as Olympic security staff to find work after the games to stop them being returned to the dole.

Many of the 8,000 security staff were recruited from the ranks of the unemployed earlier this year and were trained to provide security at the games. They are now all licensed by the Security Industry Authority and the majority have accreditation from the Home Office. When games are over they will have 13 weeks practical experience at a major international event.

The jobs which they will be qualified to do could involve: monitoring CCTV, baggage checks at airports, office reception/security, security in the leisure and the leisure sector like music venues and sporting events and pubs and nightclubs, static security on building sites and other locations including car parks and many more job sectors which the employees can go into after their job in the Olympics.

Bob Crosby, National Lead Organiser for Staff at G4S, said “Many of these staff were recruited directly from the dole all across the UK earlier this year when LOCOG recognised they needed more security staff. These staff cannot be held responsible for the problems with the contract that came to light before the games.

“All are currently contracted for a 13 week period with G4S. They have all completed their training and have an SIA license which is their property for 3 years. The majority have accreditation from the Home Office. During this 13 week contract with G4S they are rostered to work on one of the Olympic sites.

“When these staff have finished work on the Olympics G4S is committed to make every effort to find jobs within the company.

“We do not want the legacy of these games, which have been such a source of national pride, to be that those recruited from the ranks of the unemployed to secure the games forced back on the dole. Potential employers should contact GMB for more information.”


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