Academy sponsor meets with reps after NUT campaign


The company threatening to freeze out unions when it takes over a school is today meeting union reps after a campaign by the NUT.

As reported by UnionNews last week, teachers found out via a letter to parents of children at Whitecross School that Prospect Groups had no intention of signing a model recognition agreement with unions when it took over the running of the Gloucestershire school.

But following complaints from the NUT, the company has invited reps to a meeting this afternoon to discuss the issue.

A letter from the company states: ‘As no “measures” are being proposed, formal consultation under TUPE is not required but, following a request made by the NUT, the Chair of Governors has arranged a meeting to provide an opportunity for the trade unions to ask any questions about the TUPE process and to raise any matters of concern.’

Hannah Packham, the South West NUT’s senior organiser, told UnionNews: “Our view is if they don’t consult with unions they are not a fit sponsor to take over the running of the school. We also called a public meeting, which added to the pressure on them to talk to us.”

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