Union calls off action after last-ditch talks with management


The FBU has postponed today’s strike over frontline cuts in Essex following crucial talks held yesterday between senior managers and FBU negotiators.

General secretary Matt Wrack said: “Talks on all the issues in dispute have continued throughout August and further progress was made at crucial meetings today. The FBU Vice President attended the talks held yesterday between Essex managers and FBU negotiators in Essex.

“I understand that both sides believe they are close to producing detailed proposals that may be sufficient to bring the dispute to an end. I had no hesitation in supporting the recommendation of our negotiating team that tomorrow’s strike be postponed to allow them to concentrate on the task immediately at hand.

“The strike action called for 18th October remains in place and so both sets of negotiators will be well-aware of the window of opportunity that is now available to them.”

* More details of the dispute can be found here.

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